Friday, July 27, 2007

Busy day

We had a garage sale today that will end tomorrow. I got rid of some big items. I have a ton of baby boy clothes. It's hard to part with them though. So many memories of him when he was little. At least now I'll have more closet space when they are gone :0)

I didn't have time to create anything new but here are some cards I used for a stamp camp. I just love that set.

I need to rest for a bit but I'll try to add more later. Sunday I go to my Pinecone Press Bookclub. We're making a paperbag album. I'm so excited. I'll post pictures on Sunday.


HiTech Honey said...

Dang I wish I knew you were selling baby boy clothes! i could have used some!

Eva said...

Great Work..I love these cards!

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