Thursday, July 26, 2007

TAC Seminar 2007

As some of you know I was asked to demonstrate the crop-a-dile. That was a lot of fun. I love that tool. It's easy and quiet. I thought I'd share some of my creations that I did for the demo. I didn't get everything completed but I'll post the finish products later. I'm waiting on some ribbon for my tin. I used the new TAC™ paper Mimi along with the wowits. I can't wait to get the ribbon.

I also made some holes in my flip flops. I bought the charms in Dallas.
When they say it punches through stuff like butta (butter) they mean it. I had no problem punching holes through the plastic in the flip flops.

This is a little book we are now selling. I can't believe how easy it was to punch those holes through that thick chipboard book. I even used the holes as decoration on the chipboard letters.

This is our new clipboard. That's a picture of my adorable husband and my son. I used the depth gage on the crop-a-dile so the holes would be in a straight line and then used a centering ruler for the spacing. The yarn is done with a Japanese book binding technique.

My favorite thing right now is trying to complete my acrylic album. John cut these for me out of acrylic sheets we had. The crop-a-dile actually went through it! I have to admit I was wondering if I was going to break it but it was strong and did 2 holes in 5 sheets.
I guess that's enough for today. I hope you enjoy and get inspired.

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