Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What a blast!

Meet my friend Tana and the wonderful masque she created. What a work of art. Tana, Yuki and myself went to Ohio to a great Angel Gathering lead by Rita Kegg. This is a picture of her latest adventure.
This is Gabby. Gabby and I had a lot of fun.
We met this deer on our way to Lake Eerie.
This is one of my favorite pictures of Lake Eerie.

The gathering was so much fun. We did 26 projects that I would love to show but Rita is selling a cd of her projects so that wouldn't be very fair of me to do that to her. All the girls worked so hard to give us a great stamping experience. Here is a couple of things I made for the gathering.

The last flap under the snowman is where you would put your family newsletter. The middle is for a family protrait. The purple/orange card above is an idea from splitcoaststampers. If you ever have a chance to go to one of Rita's gatherings I highly encourage you to go. We had a lot of fun. We each even got to wear a crown and were made queen of.... I was the Queen of Snappy Comebacks.

1 comment:

Rita Kegg said...

I am so glad you had fun!! So did I!! I am missing you and so is Gabby. Hope we can do it again next year. Thanks to John too!! Blessings

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