Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's about time!!

My son just turned 5. I got this idea from Heather Scott. Check out her blog: This is his bday invitation. I typed all the information on my computer for the inside of the card. I also used my cricut to cut out the circles. Gotta love that. I love how The Angel Company™ gives the sizes of the circle stamps to use with our circle punches. I just dial it in on my cricut and it's a no brainer. I ran out of blue so that's why there are two different colors.

Next were the thank you cards. I started off with the cricut because I wanted it to be fast but I later switched to my stamps because in the long run it was faster than pasting the stuff down. I also had trouble with the ribbon on the presents. I probably need to change my blade. I experimented.
If you haven't figured it out yet my son's favorite color is blue.
On another note.... I've been published. I'm on the ezine for the Scor-Pal. Check it out.
I'm number 9.
I also got my new scor-matt. It's really cool. I've used it for a stamping surface on my lap in front of the TV. I really like the grids on it too. It's a great addition to the scor-pal. Hopefully time will be on my side and I'll be able to keep adding on.


Jewels said...

Cute invites and SUPER CUTE sb page on the Scor-Pal eZine! I didn't know Ty was in one of the ads! Which one? I love it when I can tell folks "I know that cute kid's Mom!"

Sharon said...

It was in Simple Scrapbooks September/October 2006. Thanks :)

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