Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Digitally Speaking

That's crap! I had all this typed out and then gone. It didn't even save it as a draft. Oh well.
As many of you know I have gotten into digital scrapbooking. It' fun, it's easy, and best of all it's portable. Gotta love being able to go somewhere and only carry a laptop. I love all the freebies that are out there and of course the kits you can buy are pretty awesome. There is so much talent out there that I don't feel the need to have to do things myself. Now on the downside is I'm not very organized to be able to state I got this from there and so and so did this but I'm going to try to get better. There's nothing worse than not giving the artist their credit.

I just love this page. I think I did a great job if I don't say so myself. I blurred out other children and the name of the school. Next time I'll use the blur tool more and less orange clobs. The template is from noreimerreason. The papers are from fds_ms_rockstar I belive. I want to say it was a freebie I picked up. If you want shoot me an email and I bet I can find it.

Everything on this page is from godigitalscrapbooking. The template is from noreimerreason. The papers and elements are from godigitalscrapbooking's January collaboration kit. thanks for looking.

1 comment:

No Reimer Reason said...

Your layouts turned out wonderfully. I don't think I had the pleasure of seeing your Cowboy one before - I love it! :)

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