Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Life sure does catch up to you fast. We had an interesting summer. Ty turned 6. Our vacation was awesome. I would have thought Alaska would have been much colder. What a beautiful state. Here are some digital layouts I did.

The kit is Butterflies in Heaven by Dani Alencar.
How do you lock in the dimensions on blogger. Sorry if it's not a true square but when I load it it's huge so I tried to shrink it and I guess I did ok.

The kit is Time to Rock by Dani Alencar.
My digital pages are on


Dani Alencar said...

Your layouts are beautiful, thanks for all your efforts. Your blog is cute.

Carola said...

Well, you should update your blog more often....LOL
The layout with Time to Rock is fantastic!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the layouts!!! Good job.
miss seeing your cards...

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