Saturday, June 12, 2010

Great American Scrapbook Convention

This was probably my most expensive item I bought which really isn't too expensive considering.  I had debated gel pens and such in the cricut.  At  convention the makers of the Cri-Kits were there.  I really quizzed him on the things I had learned about his pens and competitors.  As you can see he talked me into it.  I think one of the main reasons was their pens are made specifically for their holder.  Therefore when Stamples changes their pens (heighth, width, etc) it affects the holder.  I don't want to invest and later have pens that won't work then have to reinvest.  I also have a lifetime warranty on the holder and 30 days on the pens.  So, I had to experiment and play.  Yes, I am very happy.
I played with my cricut pens ... finally.  Love the look of the gels and you can draw right on your project... how cool is that!  Cricut Dan was at GASC.  I got the idea of the cut (and yes I used my "hated" design studio software) from Cricut Dan.  He even "yelled" at me for telling people that there are cheaper prices for the cartridges out there.  Their prices really weren't bad if you wanted them now but I got Just Because for 31 not 39.99 plus tax.  He reallly had some great tips and if you'd like to see him he's on youtube.

This drawing is from the cricut pens.  It's much thicker and you can cut it out after you've drawn it.  A shadow feature would be great but you'll need alternative software because not all carts have shadows.  I then did repeat last and cut it out by switching out the housing.  Unfortunately I didn't change my cut depth so it didn't cut all the way through.  I still like the look so I'll probably use it.  So, you should always check before unloading your paper.
This is with the gel pens.  Love the look but the cricut is a bit shakey.  Another thing I learned was when cutting with design studio it doesn't matter where on the mat you start it goes to the original drawing.  That's why there is cricut marker over the get pen.
.Get out your stuff and start playing.  Father's day is right around the corner

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