Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2nd post for today... I know... I'm amazed too.  We just got back from Minnesota.  John's uncle and aunt had a 50th anniversary.  It was a chance to see the whole family.  This was Ty's first visit.  We were able to go due to the grace of God.  Back in October we ended up giving up our seats for vouchers.  If it wasn't for that we wouldn't have been able to go.
Here's a gift card turned into a money holder I made as a teacher's gift for the end of school.
Cricut sure has made my life easier.

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JeanieBeanie and Kadie Bug said...

Hi Sharon, Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog. Very rarely does anyone ever post. Its nice that you did. I think you are right on the fishing. It is because its quite and peaceful and when you catch a fish, its really exciting. This little money holder you made is very cute. I love my Cricut also. Need to use it more often. Maybe once its too hot for fishing. Hugs!!!

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