Saturday, May 5, 2012

Parvo Puppy

First of all, Happy Birthday to me :)  I say that with a bit of sarcasm.  It's been forever since I've posted and I usually don't like posting personal information on my  blog.  But here goes a scratch at the surface. 
Since October I had been taking care of a very dear friend of mine.  They discovered a mass in her pancreas but would not call it cancer.  We were scheduled to have surgery to remove it in December.  Let's just say it was never meant to be.  After she developed an infection in her blood we ended up putting her in rehab.  I almost think that made her physical condition even worse.  Let me just say if you ever have to put a family member in an assisted living // rehab facility make sure someone can visit everyday.  You really have to keep on top of them or the treatment can suffer.  My friend went through some horrible things and I tried to get her to leave but it was all about location.  After her 3rd fall which resulted in fractured vertebrae she finally let me put her somewhere else.  In late January, after going jaundice again, they finally called the "mass" pancreatic cancer and at this point inoperable.  We were told she had a few weeks maybe more.  We had to put her in hospice.  She died mid February.  We miss her still.
In March we caved in and got a puppy for our child.  I bet you couldn't guess where the title comes from.  After all three rounds of vaccinations our puppy got very sick.  Last Thursday he threw up almost constantly but no diarrhea, no blood.  The vet thought maybe obstruction, took x-rays, nothing.  Parvovirus was the last on the list since he had vaccines and no diarrhea.  Friday morning ... little diarrhea (no blood or foul smell) ...  In th meantime it was Pink Impact weekend.  I really wanted to go but sick puppy was holding me back.  Thursday night I saw Beth Moore (awesome speaker).  Friday I missed the morning session but went in the afternoon.  My husband was awesome.  He really doesn't care for dogs but he came home and checked on him for me.  Saturday morning ... more vomit and more diarrhea... during all this time he has not eaten and will not drink.  I looked at this skinny puppy who once weighed 40.5 pounds on Thursday now weighing around 33.  Couldn't take it and took him to the vet.  I had a bad feeling it was Parvo.  I asked my husband to go with me and he did.  They did the test and he came back with Parvovirus.  We agreed I couldn't do the treatment at home.  You have to force liquid so they don't dehydrate.  We opted to put him in vet care.  It's not the cheapest but due to generosity of friend we were able to.  And for all of you who know me, the investigation began.  I had to find out everything I could about the canine parvovirus.  There is a lot of info out there but nothing definite except puppies die.  Not what you want to read.  Did you know the parvovirus can live from 1- 10 years in your backyard?  Bleach is the only thing that will break down the outer layer of the virus.  Yes, you can bleach your backyard to kill it sooner.  The one thing I did read is you really shouldn't get a new puppy for a year or you can't bring them home without all vaccinations which is around 4 months.  There are so many ways a vaccinated puppy can get parvo but I think the vaccines gave him a mild case of the virus which is why he lives.  **Did you know parvo vaccines are like our flu vaccines meaning just because you get the shot doesn't mean you can't catch the virus.**  I could go on and on about parvo and what I've read but I won't continue to bore you.  I'm not a vet just the owner of a survivor.  He spent 3 days at the vet hospital in quarantine.  He is still in quarantine for 12-14 days (still considered contagious).  He had excellent care and they put up with me calling everyday and asking questions.  He's thrown up once a day in the wee hours of the morning but  he's energetic, still eating (extremely hungry), and drinking water.  The road to recovery is a rollercoaster but we're hanging on and thankful he's still with us. My birthday would have really sucked if I had to bury my puppy.  He's now immune to the virus for a year to life ... all depends :)  Don't you just love the internet?  My vet says he's immune so I'm going with what she says.
That's why I haven't had much on my blog :(  Hopefully after all this I'll get back on track.
                                                       Scooby before Parvovirus

Scooby after Parvovirus 

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