Sunday, July 8, 2012

Found Black Lab Puppy ... Welcome Home

What a week!  Do I still like the 4th of July ... sure ... just not the fireworks :)  Just kidding.  You live and learn.  We just arrived at the lake and the pup got out.  Fireworks went off ... pup ran off like a bullet.  We searched for days.  My blisters have blisters!  I searched on the internet only to find Dog Gone Detectives.  I called and asked about pricing and how it all works.  I agreed to the price and Friday night two sweet dogs came out to help .. and their handler Jim.  First dog went to work; we walked for hours.  No signs that someone picked up my pup.  We ended up in someone's backyard.  I don't want to say too much due to privacy and all but let's just say the dog took us to where Scooby was probably hiding out.  Which believe it or not was where I thought he was all along.  I sure have learned a lot about dog behavior and trusting God. I called a neighbor out there who has been nothing but supportive and helpful and told him where the dog lead us.  Today he went that way for work and spotted Scooby.  He called me immediately, was able to load the pup in his car and take him home.  What an answer to prayer.  So, if you don't think dogs can track other dogs or cats you are so wrong.  It was such a piece of mind to know the pup wasn't picked up and the area he was in.  The rescue dog was spot on.  Money well spent to know where to narrow the search to.  And the fact they have such a heart in finding your pet and giving comfort on the search.  Thanks Jim.  Scooby is now at home resting and loving the air conditioner.

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