Friday, August 17, 2012

Finally ;) Triangular Treat Boxes

I've had this idea to do for my son's birthday but I was not looking forward to cutting everything out and folding and such.  If I was only making a few that would be different.  I needed to make 30.  I saw the preview of the Close to My Heart Artiste cartridge.  There it was ... a triangle gift "bag".  I could cut these out on my cricut and be done!  I know... I have Make the Cut that still works.  Honestly, the cricut cuts better and faster with their own products.  I have my eyes on some other cutters but I'm not getting rid of my cricut (too much investment). 
I cut the triangle box out at 7in.  At some point in time my arm hit the dialer and went up to 7.5 (luckily not too many cut that size).  I then decorated the triangle with Inky Antics Fish and Duck maker stamp set.  It's part of their triangle treat box.  I tried doing the duck but the triangle that I made didn't look good.  I think the duck would have needed a party hat or something so he wouldn't have a pointed head.  The fish came out great.  It didn't hold a lot but I'm cheap so it worked out in my favor :).

I added googly eyes.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  Yes, I should have added glitter but this was an outdoor boy party.
Up next is my parents' 50th wedding anniversary party.  I'm going to try to make a tuxedo gift bag and the dress one that's on the Artiste cartridge.  So far I likey :)

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